Closer to nature – less stress

The nature around us is one of the things that has the greatest impact on our mental and physical well-being. Green pine forest, fresh air, rustling of the river, geranium on the rocks, infinite blue sea, cotton clouds, the song of birds flying in the sky. It’s all part of our everyday life and we do not always pay attention to it, but as long as we take a few minutes of it, it loads us with positive energy and joy.

Nature has long offered to mankind its greatest gifts and besides preserving it, we can make the most of them. Old people do not accidentally tell the younger that they do not need internet connection to be happy and relaxed, but more free time, fresh air and walks in the wild. This is also proved by the results of a new study conducted by scientists at Exeter University. According to them, people living near more trees and birds are less stressed and rarely suffer depression, anxiety and fear. Image result for Closer to nature - less stressOver 270 people from different social strata (from cities and villages) of different ages participated in the study. Most of them find that by looking at the birds and the nature around them, they are much better than an emotional point of view. Scientists are firmly convinced that even in urban environments, one can be polite and not stressed. The only condition is not only concrete buildings but more greenery.

According to data, lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress are associated with the greater number of birds that people enjoy during the early hours of the day. Then animals also produce unique sounds that act as relaxing music for the mind.

“This study begins to reveal the role that some key components of nature play for our mental wellbeing.Birds around home and nature can provide preventive help to many people who are depressed and make cities a happier place to live” , commented Daniel Cox of Exeter University.

Therefore, the more we relate to nature, the better health we will have. Pure air, parks and high mountain walks, leaf noise, bird songs are hundreds of times more effective for relaxing consciousness and can replace powerful antidepressants.

The weather is getting warmer and the spring is banging on our doors. Let’s enjoy it and forget about the problems.